The clocktower series

The clocktower series

There’s something special about old buildings in Country towns. The Clock Tower in Dubbo is one of them.

I grew up in a remote part of western NSW. Now and then Mum would do a day trip to Dubbo to get supplies, and ‘do a big shop’. If we were really lucky, she would pick one of us (4 kiddos) to go with her to help. We’d ‘doll up’ and put our best ‘town’ clothes on, get up at sparrows and drive the 8 hr round trip for the day.
I remember looking at the old clock tower building and thinking how very special it was. Mum told us if we ever got lost, to go and wait at the steps of the clock tower.
Since then it has been renovated into a landmark and an iconic innovation hub known as 'The Exchange' where so many fabulous educational, networking and social events take place, along with a co working office space and meeting point. 

While I have been on the hunt for a change from the grassy photo shoots but wanting to stick to our rural roots, I was reminded of this beautiful old building that it is like a match made in heaven for our Dumble clothing and jewellery.

In all it’s beauty the clock tower will always be Iconic, timeless and classic all things Dumble Co strives to be.

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