In the bathtub

In the bathtub

Over the summer break (2023/24) we had a special visit from Olivia Rasheed from Katherine NT. Liv is an amazing young woman, a role model in her industry for young and old. It was a great honour to have Liv come and stay with our family.

Being the daughter of one of our founders Belinda Rasheed, (Longrass Style). Liv has appeared in photoshoots over the years for her Mum, so it was no surprise she was a natural.

Liv and our Oli Wiggins were incredibly generous with their time and patience while Clancy Paine snapped away creating these beautiful images and a gorgeous story.

As many of you know I grew up in western NSW in an area some would call remote. Many stations around home had free flowing bores, artesian water flowing into dams, bore drains or baths which overflowed out across the clay pan flat.

I remember as a kid spending hours in a bath with hot water over flowing freely. We played there for hours unaware of how magical that was.

It’s as though Clanc has resurrected images from my childhood memories. A sense of innocence in that magical signature golden light.

Thanks Liv and Oli and of course our resident model ‘Dolly’ this beautiful bathtub series has been created by our dear friend Clancy Paine

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

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